Our coating technology provides a high-performance surface finish against fading and discoloration.

CERACLAD offers two types of coating options.

Ceramic Coating

The heat-resistant, UV-cutting ceramic coating maintains the beautiful colors for many years.

  1. 1. Super Weather Resistance
  2. 2. Low Maintenance

*This combinations of coating apply only to North American products.
For information about other coating combinations,please contact local manufacturer's representatives.

1. Super Weather Resistance Ceramic

The high resistance to UV rays minimizes degradation and color fading - supported by 50 Year Limited Product Warranty and 20 Year Limited Color Warranty.

Ceramic Coating

The heat-resistant,UV-cutting ceramic coating (inorganic coating) maintains the beautiful colors for many years as they were when the panels were installed in a newly built house.

Sunshine Carbon Arc Test Results

Ceramic coated panels are subjected to continuous cycles of UV rays and water exposure to measure color degradation. The horizontal axis of the graph indicates the irradiation time, and the vertical axis indicates the degree of color fading.
A color loss of Delta E2 is barely detectable by the trained human eye. A color loss of Delta E3 is noticeable to the untrained eye. As shown in the graph, Ceramic coated panels over a thirty year life will not fade to a level Delta E3 which is detectable to the untrained eye.

2. Low Maintenance Ceramic

Ceramic coating does not require re-painting as much as acrylic paint does and your maintenance cost will be reduced significantly.

Ceramic Coating

Due to the super weather resistance, Ceramic Coating is nearly impervious to color fading.

10 ~ 20 year later

Some maintenance and cleaning may be required over the lifetime. Re-painting is under most conditions unnecessary. *

Third Party Acrylic Paint

5 ~ 7 year later

After 5 - 7 years acrylic paint may fade and dirt and grime may begin to stand out.

This siding can be easily re-painted with your own choice of colors.

*Some inspection, parts repair and sheathing maintenance may be required.

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