Products used: Contemporary Smooth – Cinnamon

Creativ™ Program Summary

  • 1. Color Selection

    Select your color, submit your order form and receive your samples.

    Color Sample Order Form
  • 2. Color Approval

    Sign the back of one sample (using a black Sharpie). Complete and sign the Custom Color Product Approval Form provided when you received the custom color samples. Send the signed sample and completed form to CERACLAD.

  • 3. Order Product

    Submit your purchase order as you normally would and include the PIN as your color selection.

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Our CREATIV™ custom color finish utilizes a two-coat finish system: color plus protective coating to provide additional UV resistance and color stability.

The minimum order is just 40 pieces per custom color selection.**

CREATIV™ orders will be shipped from our finish factory in eight (8) weeks from the date of acceptance of your purchase order.

Program Details

Custom colors may be selected from a CERACLAD CREATIV™ color swatch by Miller Paint or you may provide a Benjamin Moore or Sherwin Williams color number and let us match your selection for you.* CERACLAD CREATIV™ is available with Contemporary Smooth and Cast Stripe textures only.

CERACLAD will produce three (3) color samples 4” x 8” for your approval. CREATIV™ samples will be sent out within two weeks of receipt of the Color Selection Form. If the samples don’t meet your project requirements, a new Color Selection Form will need to be submitted. Upon acceptance of the color sample, the Custom Color Product Approval Form should be submitted. (You will receive this with your samples.) This form will include the Project Identification Number (PIN) which must be included on any and all purchase orders to identify the approved color selection.

  1. * Certain colors are only available for indoor applications. Contact your local representative for more details or assistance with your custom color selection.
  2. ** The minimum quantity only applies to the initial order quantity. Additional material may be ordered with a minimum quantity of only 20 panels to supplement the completion of an ongoing project.
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