A Professional Guide: Mid to High-Rise Apartment Exterior Color Trends

A Professional Guide: Mid to High-Rise Apartment Exterior Color Trends

by Takehiko Ito: General Manager of Marketing and Business Development


As a seasoned architect specializing in mid to high-rise apartment buildings across North America, you recognize the pivotal role that exterior colors play in shaping a building’s overall aesthetics. The careful selection of color schemes can significantly enhance designs, create a harmonious environment, and evoke specific emotions among residents. In this comprehensive article, we delve into the latest trends in exterior wall colors, offering valuable insights and inspiration for your next design endeavor.

Current Color Trends researched by CERACLAD™:

1. Dark Blue: Elevating Architectural Sophistication
Dark blue has emerged as a dominant trend for mid-to-high-rise structures. Its deep, dignified hue not only adds architectural sophistication but also accentuates key design elements. Consider incorporating dark blue for accent walls or trim to leave a lasting impression on observers.

2. Sage Green: Calmness and Inviting Warmth
Sage green, with its understated elegance, resonates with residents seeking a tranquil living environment. It harmonizes seamlessly with natural surroundings and creates an inviting ambiance. For larger surface areas or communal spaces, sage green is an excellent choice.

3. Earthy Ochre: Infusing Warmth and Coziness
The earthy ochre, when skillfully paired with warm tones, infuses warmth and coziness into living spaces. Ideal for common areas, lobbies, entrances, and corridors, this color choice fosters a welcoming atmosphere. Use it strategically to evoke a sense of comfort.

4. Oyster White (Greige): Modern Neutrality
Oyster white, often referred to as “greige” due to its blend of gray and beige, offers a contemporary and neutral backdrop. It complements diverse architectural styles and serves as a clean canvas for other design elements. Consider it for larger expanses of wall surface.

5. Silver: A Touch of Modern Sophistication
Silver, when judiciously applied to balconies, railings, or window frames, exudes modern sophistication. Its reflective quality adds visual interest and elevates the building’s overall aesthetic. Use silver sparingly to create focal points.

6. Green Hues: Reconnecting with Nature
Green hues are experiencing a revival, reflecting a desire for nature-inspired design. Muted greens evoke warmth and harmony, making them suitable for accent walls or landscaping features. Consider incorporating green to foster a sense of well-being.

7. Sky Blue: Illuminating Enclosed Spaces
Sky blue works wonders in brightening up enclosed areas or spaces with limited natural light. Whether applied to balconies, ceilings, or upper floors, it imparts an airy and refreshing feel.

8. Beige: Timeless Versatility
Neutral tones like beige remain timeless classics. Beige walls provide a versatile backdrop for other design elements—think colorful doors, window frames, or decorative planters. Achieve balance by combining beige with complementary neutrals.

In summary, thoughtful exterior color choices significantly impact the appeal of mid-to-high-rise apartment buildings. Whether you’re aiming for a modern, calming, or timeless look, these color trends serve as an excellent starting point. Remember that lighter colors create a sense of spaciousness, while darker hues add depth and contrast.

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