Ep. 72: Danny Van Acker

Ep. 72: Danny Van Acker

Building Trust and Legacy in Construction with Danny Van Acker


This episode of the Architecture and Innovation Podcast, hosted by Tom Dioro and brought to you by CERACLAD, welcomes Danny Van Acker, General Manager of Van Acker Construction. 

Today, we discuss various topics relevant to the construction industry, including trust and communication between contractors, clients, and architects; Van Acker Construction's commitment to sustainability and quality; and the personal journey and philosophies shaping Danny's approach to business.

The company, founded by Danny's father, Gary Van Acker, prides itself on hard work, integrity, and a culture rooted in the Midwest ethos. Danny shares insights into how the company navigates challenges in the construction process, the importance of direct and personal communication to resolve issues, and the crucial role of trust in building successful projects.

The show also delves into how Van Acker Construction maintains its legacy while adapting to industry changes and incorporating sustainable materials and practices. Danny highlights how the digital age has impacted client interactions and emphasizes the value of in-person, human elements in construction. 

Finally, the future direction of Van Acker Construction is discussed, focusing on preparing for the next generation while preserving the company's core values and culture.

For more information about Van Acker Construction, visit https://vanacker.com/

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