Ep. 73 Ted Panton

Ep. 73 Ted Panton

Innovating Urban Spaces: The Promise of Mass Timber with Ted Panton, AIA


This episode of the Architecture and Innovation Podcast features Ted Panton, Principal at GGLO, who discusses the complexities and constraints of housing in the architecture industry, emphasizing the potential of mass timber as a transformative solution. 

Ted highlights his advocacy for urban livability and dedication to employing wood technology for its tectonic and carbon-positive benefits. 

He shares insights from his experience and presents wood as a material that can foster a deeper connection to our built environment. 

The conversation also touches on the housing crisis, the importance of creating walkable and dense neighborhoods, and the role of architects and developers in shaping the future of urban spaces. 

Ted's work showcases the intersection of sustainability, innovation, and community-centered design in addressing current and future architectural challenges.


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