Ep. 74 Bert DeViterbo

Ep. 74 Bert DeViterbo

Balancing Innovation and People-Centric Design: A Conversation with Bert DeViterbo


In the Architecture and Innovation Podcast episode, host Tom Dioro interviews Bert DeViterbo, an architect and studio director at Gensler's San Francisco office. 

Bert shares insights from his 13-year journey at Gensler, emphasizing the importance of good design for all, mentorship, and the company's diverse talent pool. He also discusses the firm's commitment to sustainability and adaptability during the pandemic. 

Bert reflects on his recent trip to Singapore, his impactful community involvement, and how Gensler fosters a collaborative, team-oriented approach to deliver innovative design solutions globally.

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Episode Index:

00:00 Introduction to Work-Life Balance and Firm Culture
00:14 Welcome to the Architecture and Innovation Podcast
00:25 Spotlight on Bert DeViterbo: Master Architect
01:58 Bert's Philosophy on Design and Inspiration
07:41 The Impact of Mentorship and Diversity in Architecture
12:03 The Evolution of Architecture and Design Post-Pandemic
14:23 Sustainability and Design: Reimagining Spaces
19:05 The Importance of Teamwork and Leadership in Design
22:23 Looking Forward: The Future of San Francisco and Architecture
24:31 Closing Thoughts: Mentorship, Diversity, and Leadership

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