Unlocking Architectural Possibilities: The CERACLAD Factory Experience

Unlocking Architectural Possibilities: The CERACLAD Factory Experience

with Special Guest Mike Bullman Architect at The Office of Charles F. Bloszies


As architects, we constantly seek inspiration and knowledge that can transform our designs and our thinking about materials. The CERACLAD factory tour in Japan offers a unique and unparalleled experience—a rare glimpse into architectural innovation's future that will pique your curiosity.

The Architect's Perspective: A Journey of Discovery

Michael, an architect with a keen eye for detail and a passion for sustainable design, recently embarked on a CERACLAD factory tour. His experience was nothing short of transformative, opening his eyes to the endless possibilities of CERACLAD materials. "This was the first time I'd gone to a manufacturer's facility to see how all these things are made," Michael shared. "It was super educational, super informative, and essential."

Precision and Quality: A New Standard in Mass Production

One might assume that mass production compromises quality, but CERACLAD shatters this myth. Michael was not just impressed, but reassured by the precision of the panels and the speed at which they were made. "You can tell with all the measuring, lasers, and other technology you're using, combined with the handwork to ensure quality at the end," he observed. This combination of personal attention and factory manufacturing allows for a high volume of products without sacrificing quality.

Design Versatility: A Palette of Possibilities

The variety of textures and colors available was a standout feature for Michael.  This revelation expands the mind about the possibilities with CERACLAD materials, offering architects a broader palette to work with.

Mike: As a designer, it's essential because I like having options. However, the critical benefit of CERACLAD is that you get the maximum quality and design options at the most reasonable price. We have used CERACLAD on a navigation center project, which is a type of homeless shelter. CERACLAD was great for this project because it was cost effective enough to use for a homeless shelter but provided the design options and overall quality we needed.

The project was modular; the whole thing was built as boxes in a factory, trucked to the site, and stacked. The modular fabricator actually installed the CERACLAD in the factory, and it traveled well. on the highway with little to no damage, which impressed us. The installers liked it; it was straightforward to put up. The project was designed to be a 30-plus year, project,  and the warranties you guys offer, especially on the coatings and the color fastness of the coating, really helped us sell the product to owners. the owners are the ones ultimately paying for this, so that helps avoid some lower quality siding products that shall remain nameless that we don't like to use.


Sustainable Innovation: The Future of Architecture

CERACLAD's commitment to sustainability is evident in its advanced coating technology and use of recycled materials. Michael appreciated the product's eco-friendly aspects and recognized the importance of sustainable practices in modern architecture.

Q: Did you notice the five benefits of CERACLAD, not only the sustainable innovation provided to developers while they visit our factory tour? Which stood out the most?

Mike: To me, yes, I noticed all five: design versatility, high performance, moisture management, cost-effectiveness, and eco-friendliness. They're all kind of equally important. I mean, you know, our job as architects is to see the big picture and understand that all these things matter together in one thing, so it's not like one is the most important. But yes, I noticed all five for sure. It's clear just having gone through your factory and entered the R&D Center, seeing all the testing you do, you're addressing all of these pieces.

The Architectural Tour: A Cultural and Educational Feast

Beyond the factory, the architectural tour provided Michael with a cultural education. From marveling at the wood joinery in ancient Kyoto temples to experiencing the efficiency of Japan's public transit, the trip was a feast for the senses and the intellect.


A Call to Action for Architects

Michael's experience is a testament to the value of firsthand seeing and understanding the manufacturing process. "I would recommend it to anyone," he concluded. "It's beneficial for me to be able to say to a client, 'I've been to this factory; I know exactly how their panels are made.'"

Q: Would you recommend the CERACLAD Factory Tour to your fellow architects if they have the opportunity?

Mike: Absolutely. This was the first time I'd gone to a manufacturer's facility to see how all these things are made. It was super educational, super informative, and essential. I’ve never seen this before. It's beneficial for me to say to a client, "You know, I've been to this factory, I know exactly how their panels are made. I've seen the whole process from start to finish." That's just a massive benefit for my credibility. And, you know, for me, learning about a product in such detail is invaluable. As informative as reps like Katia are, you can't get the complete sense until you see it yourself. So, I would recommend it to anyone. Thank you very much for taking me; it was a great experience.

Join the CERACLAD Experience

For architects looking to push the boundaries of design and sustainability, a visit to the CERACLAD factory is an invaluable opportunity. It's an experience that broadens your architectural horizons and enhances your client's credibility. Join the ranks of forward-thinking architects and discover the CERACLAD difference.

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