Ep. 76 Brandon Dekker

Ep. 76 Brandon Dekker

The Power of Teamwork and Leadership in Architecture: Insights from J.Brandon Dekker


This Architecture and Innovation Podcast episode features J. Brandon Dekker, Principal at Cannon Designs’ San Diego and Irvine offices. Dekker discusses the critical elements of leadership and teamwork, focusing on attitude, energy, and effort as controllable factors for success.

He emphasizes the importance of preparation, humility, and egolessness in fostering a high-performing team.

Dekker also highlights the value of in-person interactions and relationships in a predominantly digital age.

The conversation delves into leveraging team members' strengths, coaching teammates and clients, and promoting a culture of continuous improvement and resilience.

For more information, you can visit the Cannon Design website:

Show Index:

00:00 Introduction: Controlling the Controllable
00:27 Podcast Overview and Guest Introduction
01:43 Brandon Dekker's Recent Learnings
03:28 Athletic Mindset in Business
05:35 Handling Unexpected Challenges
07:46 Team Dynamics and Egoless Leadership
11:34 Importance of Human Connection in a Digital Age
15:48 Leveraging Team Strengths
17:28 Coaching and Mentorship
20:56 Client Collaboration and Industry Impact
23:02 Final Thoughts and Closing Remarks


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