Ep. 77 Krista Coupar

Ep. 77 Krista Coupar

Innovating Through Relationships and Creativity


In this Architecture and Innovation Podcast episode, host Tom Dioro speaks with Krista Coupar, founder and CEO of Coupar, a San Francisco-based design industry consultancy firm. 

The discussion delves into understanding business structures, the importance of grounding creativity, and the significance of relationships in the design industry. 

Coupar shares her journey from growing up surrounded by creativity to building a multifaceted consultancy that helps elite designers, architects, builders, and artisans thrive. She discusses her play-based approach to work, how she discerns the essence of her clients, and the unique integration of personal and professional life. 

The episode also highlights Coupar's innovative business model that empowers young designers by giving them autonomy within a supportive and collaborative framework.

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Show Index:

00:00 Introduction to Business Structure and Creativity
00:45 Guest Introduction: Krista Coupar
01:48 Understanding Client Essence and Relationships
03:54 Play-Based Approach to Business
06:31 Krista's Background and Journey
10:27 Integrating Family and Business
14:52 Delight and Human Connection in Design
20:10 Service-Oriented Design Philosophy
27:05 Expanding Beyond Interior Design
29:30 Empowering Young Designers
31:10 Conclusion and Final Thoughts


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