A Better Solution for Exterior Siding.

Proven Rain Screen Technology for Sustainable Buildings and a Healthy Living Environment

  • CERACLAD allows moisture to escape from with in walls
  • CERACLAD helps avoid mold, health problems and dry-rot in walls
  • CERACLAD helps provide a healthy living environment
  • CERACLAD improves sustainability of the building
  • CERACLAD provides savings in maintenance and energy consumption
  • CERACLAD is available in a wide variety of colors and textures
  • CERACLAD creates a seamless panelized appearance
  • CERACLAD reduces construction time and cost
  • CERACLAD is environmentally low impact by using 50% recycled materials

CERACLAD is a factory-finished fiber cement siding system which utilizes a proven rain screen technology.

CERACLAD provides the complete installation package to your jobsite including panels, accessories and hardware.

Suitable for new construction and retrofit project, CERACLAD Rain Screen Exterior Siding System consists of pre-finished siding panels in a variety of patterns and texture, innovative panel clips and accessories, all of which have been designed for ease of installation.

Healthy Technology for Moisture Management

The heat-resistant, UV-cutting ceramic coated finish on CERACLAD siding repels moisture, provides a high performance surface against fading and discoloration, reduces maintenance costs for repainting and increases the value of the building.

Healthy Technology for Moisture Management

Keeping moisture out of walls helps aboid mold, hhealth problems and dry rot for a healthier enviroment.

The heat-resistant.

UV-cutting ceramic coated finish on CERACLAD siding provides a high performance surface against fading and discoloration.

The CERACLAD creates a ventilation layer, allowing moisture and heat to escape, and helping avoid mold and health problems and dry-rot in walls.

Manufactured and proven in Japan for more then 30 years, the CERACLAD system incorporates a ventilation layer in the exterior wall structure, allowing moisture to escape from within walls, which helps avoid mold, health problems and dry-rot in walls.

The end result is a high performance vented wall assembly that provides structures with long-term protection against water infiltration, and low maintenance wall surfaces with a long lasting, beautiful appearance.

Our coating technology provides a high-performance surface finish against fading and discoloration.

CERACLAD offers a broad palette of colors, rich textures and unique appearance, all backed with a 50 Year Limited Warranty and a 20 Year Limited Color Warranty for pre-finished ceramic coated panels.

CERACLAD exterior siding panels are a long lasting, energy and resource efficient building product.

Choosing environmentally friendly material to help you reach your goal of LEED certification just got easier with CERACLAD.

A super weather resistant ceramic coating minimizes degradation of the exterior wall structure and controls color fading caused by exposure to UV rays so CERACLAD siding panels retain their “new” appearance longer, and the exterior wall structure lasts longer, too.

CERACLAD siding panels allow building owners to refrain from using environmentally harmful products or excessive amounts of water to maintain the clean appearance of the building.

The ventilation layer allows the trapped heat in the exterior wall structure to escape into the environment, helping to maintain consistent temperatures inside the building and reducing energy consumption.

KMEW Co., Ltd. the manufacturer of CERACLAD
has been the leader in the manufacture of specialized exterior building products for over 30 years in Japan.

KMEW has a large market share in Japan and is introducing our products to the North American Market. KMEW is committed to providing quality products backed by excellent service and has years of experience in specialized exterior building products.

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