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Ceraclad Triple Coating Technology: 20 year fade limited warranty, Air Purifying: 365 days self cleaning

Superior Cladding Solutions

For Sustainable Buildings and a Healthy Living Environment






40 Years of Proven Success

Revolutionary Fiber Cement Technology by KMEW, 

a subsidiary JV of Panasonic and Kubota





Triple Coating Technology

• 20-Year Fade Limited Warranty

• 365 Days of Self-Cleaning

• Air Purifying




Green Material

CERACLAD is made with Recycled Materials and provides

Rainscreen Moisture Management and a Thermal Barrier

for energy efficiency





Rich Design Options

Hundreds of Possible Color and Texture Combinations 







CERACLAD can increase the ROI on your projects by :

• Lowering construction cost

• Significantly reducing maintenance cost

• Extending the life expectancy of the building envelope

• Creating market differentiation for sustainability value



Next Generation Cladding Solutions

Photocatalytic Ceramic Coating

Building high-quality, long-lasting developments that create a better environment for residents and the community doesn’t cost a fortune with CERACLAD®. Our proprietary Triple Coat Finishing System maintains the original vibrant color with our UV Blocking Ceramic Coating, while our photocatalytic coating provides self-cleaning performance that eliminates virtually all maintenance needed to keep your asset looking new. 

Our Technical Background - KMEW was created as a subsidiary joint venture between two Japanese industry titans, Panasonic and Kubota Corporations. CERACLAD has a proven track record of performance nearing 40 years in Japan.

The CERACLAD® System Provides Four Important Benefits

CERACLAD gives you superior cladding solutions for sustainable buildings and a healthy living environment through four important features

Triple Coating Technology

Color coating

Ceramic coating 

Photocatalytic coating



Green Material

Recycled materials 

Thermal barrier 

Rainscreen moisture management



Design Options

 Hundreds of possible color and texture combinations

Cost Effective

Easy Installation

Low maintenance

Energy efficient

Triple Coating Technology

1. Colored Layer   

Factory finished, available in proprietary colors

2. Ceramic Coating Layer

Excellent UV blocking properties, 20-year Fade Limited Warranty 

3. Photocatalytic Coating Layer

Self-Cleaning / Air-purifying /  Anti-virus and Anti-bacterial

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Green Material

Recycled Materials

Consisting of approximately 45% recycled material, the panels are 100% recyclable, factory finished with no VOC, and contain no asbestos.

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Thermal Barrier Technology

Helps to maintain consistent temperatures inside the building and reducing energy consumption.



Rainscreen Moisture Management

Our exclusive technology combines a durable weather-resistant exterior with an internal ventilation layer that allows moisture to escape.

air gap detail


Rich Design Options


CERACLAD siding panels also come in a wide range of rich textures and colors and provide you hundreds of possible combinations. And our exclusive CREATIV™ custom color program allows you to order your components in colors that will match your exact specifications.

20-year Fade Limited Warranty + 365 Days of Self-cleaning




a variety of styles and textures

Multi-family Residential

More Projects


school building


hyatt hotel


Cost Effective

CERACLAD siding is a smart investment in your property because it saves money three ways:


Easy Installation

Integrated rainscreen with hidden fasteners
Engineered clip installation
Complete installation package 



Low Maintenance

Triple Coating Technology 
20-years Fade limited Warranty
365 Days of Self-cleaning  



Energy Efficient

Excellent thermal barrier
Reducing energy consumption
Rainscreen Moisture Management  


Technical Support/Installation

CERACLAD’S technical department works closely with architects to provide technical support during early design:

We also work closely with contractors and installers:

  • Project review
  • Estimating support
  • Onsite training



CERACLAD™ Installation Video: "Wood Framing w/Structual Sheathing"

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