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Ceramic Coated Cladding Solutions

for Sustainable Buildings and a Healthy Living Environment



Highest Quality

Ceramic Coated
Long-lasting Quality and Beauty

Cost Effective

Low Maintenance
Easy to Install

Design Possibilities

Rich Color and
Texture Options

Ceraclad is a Ceramic-Coated Siding Assembly

Engineered for residential and commercial buildings.

Our Rainscreen Exterior Siding System improves construction projects at every stage, from your design workflow, through construction.

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Interior Panels

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Freely use our wall assemblies, textures, color choices, and more in your projects. Add resources to your materials library and streamline your workflow.

Proven Rain Screen Technology

For a healthy living environment

CERACLAD exterior panels are a long lasting, energy and resource efficient building product. Consisting of 45% recycled material, the panels are 100% recyclable, factory finished with no VOC, and contain no asbestos.

Custom Colors Program

CREATIVgives you more freedom than ever before. Unlimited color choices with factory-applied finished, and available in our most popular five textures.


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