Size-Free Caulk-Free Custom
Running Bond Application

Ceraclad’s new Application with endless design possibilities
Design now for Spring 2024 Installations

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Custom Running Bond Application Intro Video

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The Custom Running Bond

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CERACLAD Size-Free Custom Running Bond –
Empowering You to Design Sustainable Buildings


Size-Free Custom Running Bond System (Offset Joint) Features
  • Flexible design:  Panels can be cut to any length layout + 18" outside corner

  • Sustainable design: Flexible size reduces waste

  • Caulk-Free system: From corner to corner including outside corner

  • Field fabrication/shop drawings not required: Installation-friendly system

  •  Rainscreen plus water channel management: New Caulk-free Vertical Gasket Joint system minimizes moisture infiltration

  • Complete System: Waterproofing sealer, saw blade, cutting guide, and other accessories provided by CERACLAD


Panel Layout Choices

Fixed Size -
6' or 5' by 18" Panel 
Mixed Size -
From 10' to 18" Panel

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