Installing CERACLAD


CERACLAD delivers the complete installation package to your jobsite including panels, accessories, and hardware. All products are individually packed and marked for your convenience. CERACLAD helps you to deliver fast, high-quality rainscreen installations on every project – every time.

Panel Orientation

CERACLAD siding panels are designed to allow both horizontal and vertical applications, providing greater design flexibility for architects. Installers will find that the innovative panel clip system makes installation easy and straightforward no matter what application is chosen.

In order to have an effective rainscreen system, a fully ventilated cladding with openings to the exterior, both at the top and bottom of the wall, is critical. Simply providing an air space behind the cladding is not enough. In addition, tests found that in order to maximize airflow, each story should have a separate air cavity.

Metal “Reveal Joints” may be used in lieu of a caulking joint.

horizontal application
metal trim application
vertical application

Installation Accessories

In addition to our wide selection of panel finishes, the CERACLAD System features a complete Installation Hardware package specifically designed, manufactured and tested to insure proper fit, finish and performance.

Trust no one but the best for your cladding needs. Choose CERACLAD  to get it done correctly, on time and on budget.



3D Interactive Models

The interactive models allow users to inspect wall assembly construction and typical detail conditions in a three-dimensional environment to gain a better understanding of installing the CERACLAD Ceramic Coated Cladding Solution over commonly found wall assembly.

Wood Framing w/Structual Sheathing

Steel Framing w/Non-Structural Sheathing

Steel Framing w/Non-Structural Sheathing, Steel Furring direct to stud with Exterior Insulation between

Steel Framing, Non-structural sheathing, Generic Clip & Rail system, Continuous Exterior Insulation

Steel Framing, Non-structural sheathing, Continuous Exterior Insulation, Steel Furring fastened to Stud through Insulation

Installation Video

For Technical information, please visit the "Technical Infomation" page.

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