Ceramic Coated

Stylish and Durable Ventilated Façade

Highest Quality 

Ceramic Coated
Long-lasting Quality and Beauty

Cost Effective

Low Maintenance
Easy to Install

Design Possibilities

Rich Color and
Texture Options

Manufactured in Japan for more than 35 years, the CERACLAD system offers long-term protection against water infiltration, stands up to UV rays, and guards against dry rot. The result is high-performance, low-maintenance exterior walls that are as beautiful as they are durable. 


Ceramic Coated Panels

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Standard Design

CERAMIC Coated/CREATIV Custom colors

Contemporary Smooth

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Textured Stucco

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Zen Garden

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Cast Stripe

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Ceramic coated

Silky Flow

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Mille Feuille

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Modern Stripe

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Earth Bands

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Premium Concrete Series


Board Formed Concrete

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Ridged Concrete

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Bare Concrete (*Acrylic Finish)

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Wood Series

CeRAMIC Coated

Urban Cedar

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Rustic Wood

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Antique Sawn

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Wood Stack

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Stone and Brick SEries

Ceramic coated

Ledge Stone

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Strata Stone

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Antique Brick

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Chateau Brick

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High Quality Long-lasting Cladding
with Ceramic Coated 

For healthy buildings with walls that breathe

  • Help prevent the formation of mold and other allergens
  • Help protect against water infiltration and dry-rot
  • Contributes to a Healthy Living Environment


  • Ceraclad reduces, recycles, and reuses pre-consumer and post-consumer materials in the manufacturing process
  • Our product is made from a minimum of 44% recycled content and is 100% recyclable at end of life.


  • Delivers a long-lasting solution that requires minimal maintenance.
  • 50 Year Material Warranty
  • Superior Thermal Resistance (9 x more thermally resistant to heat and cold compared to stucco.)
  • Superior Sound Attenuation (The CERACLAD system provides better sound attenuation than typical cladding options reducing sound transfer by up to 36db)

Complete System

  • Integrated rainscreen with hidden fasteners 
  • CERACLAD delivers the complete installation package to your Jobsite 
  • Compatible with exterior insulation

The Ceraclad System

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