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Sustainable and High-Performance Facades


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Date: October 21st, 2021
Time: 10am - 12pm PT

Guest Speaker: Ajla Aksamija, PhD,LEED AP BD+C, CDT


This 1.5-hour presentation will cover methods for designing sustainable, high-performance facades, and the necessary steps in ensuring that the environmental factors and energy-efficiency strategies are integrated with the design process. The facade is one of the most significant contributors to the energy budget and the comfort parameters of any building. High-performance facades use the least possible amount of energy to maintain a comfortable interior environment, which promotes the health and well-being of building’s occupants.


The participants of the presentation will learn about the following aspects:

  • What are the appropriate design strategies for different climate types?
  • How to choose facade types and materials to improve their performance?
  • How to improve occupants’ comfort (visual and thermal) with facade designs?
  • How to balance opaque and glazed areas of the facade?
  • What are the emerging technologies and materials for facades?


The learning objectives for the presentation are:

  • Introduce properties and characteristics of high-performance facades
  • Learn about specific performance criteria for high-performance facades (window-to-wall ratio, properties of materials, thermal resistance, glazing properties)
  • Understand how these aspects influence buildings’ energy consumption, occupants’ comfort (thermal and visual), and occupants’ health
  • Recognize how these approaches have been used for innovative facade designs through case studies.

The covered material is based on Dr. Aksamija’s book Sustainable Facades: Design Methods for High-Performance Building Envelopes (John Wiley & Sons, 2013).


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Ajla Aksamija
Ajla Aksamija, PhD, LEED AP BD+C, CDT

Ajla Aksamija, is a Professor and Chair of the School of Architecture at the University of Utah. Her research expertise includes building science, high-performance buildings, facade systems, emerging building technologies, and innovations in architecture.

Dr. Aksamija directed Perkins&Will Building Technology Laboratory (“Tech Lab”), one of the first practice-driven research laboratories focusing on advanced building technologies, high-performance buildings, computational design, and building facades. She has taught architectural design studios, advanced environmental building design, comprehensive studios and seminars.

Dr. Aksamija has written or contributed to several books, and has published over eighty research articles and invited papers. She has presented at various national and international conferences, and is a frequent speaker at industry-based, scientific and academic conferences. She is the founder and editor of the Perkins&Will Research Journal. She is the Vice President of the Facade Tectonics Institute.

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