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Building Modular: Considerations in Off-Site Construction


This webinar is an AIA 1 LU course
Date: April 20, 2021
Time: 10am - 12pm PT


This 1-hr course, presented by Ralph Tavares, P.E., Trustee of the Modular Building Institute Educational Foundation, will discuss various considerations for off-site construction for those interested in learning more about this emerging discipline.


Topics include:

  • The different types of modular construction

  • Benefits of modular construction in terms of resources, time, and cost-efficiency

  • Various state modular programs and building codes

  • Delivery methods

  • Structural considerations

  • Site access

  • Financing


Learning Objective 1:
The participant should be able to identify the different types of modular construction, select the optimal method and justify the selection based on project requirements.


Learning Objective 2:
The participant should be able to articulate the benefits of modular construction in terms of resource conservation, as well as time and cost efficiencies in comparison to site-built construction.


Learning Objective 3:
The participant should be able to successfully navigate state-level modular programs and building codes and formulate an approach to permitting and approvals.


Learning Objective 4:
The participant should be able to explain the basic project delivery methods in terms of design considerations and constraints, site access and staging, as well as financing of modular projects.



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Ralph Tavares
Ralph Tavares, PE  

Pedro Tavares
Pedro Tavares  

R&S Tavares Associates have consulted with internationally known corporations in bringing overseas prefabrication technologies to the US. Ralph currently holds professional engineering licenses in 43 States. His son, Pedro, leads the firm’s infill development project team.


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