Custom Colors

Advanced custom color program provides unlimited design solutions

Unlimited Color Choices

Two factory applied finish coats

Apply your colors to our
most popular four textures

CREATIVpanels are made with a color coat, followed by a clear coat to protect the panels from ultraviolet rays and to minimize discoloration on the building exterior. Other custom color products are made with just one color coat. This extra color protection reduces or eliminates the need for repainting and lowers maintenance costs.

Our proprietary colors and clear coatings are all applied in our factory during manufacturing to ensure quality. Two factory applied finish coats prevent fading.


Select your color and texture, request a sample (see below), and receive your sample.

Once you are satisfied with the color samples, send an official approval* to us and we will provide unique SKU numbers for all products and colors.

Submit your purchase order** as you normally would and include the unique SKU number(s) as your color selection.


*Official approval: Signature on the back of the sample.  Take a photo of the front and back with the signature and email the pictures to us.
**Minimum order quantity is 50 panels in each color. 

Select a custom color from a CERACLAD CREATIVcolor fan deck, or send us a Benjamin Moore or Sherwin Williams color number and let us match your selection for you. 

CREATIVis available in our three popular textures  Cashmere Smooth, Zen Garden , Modern Stripe, Cast Stripe and 8 Reveal.

CERACLAD will produce 4” x 8” CREATIVcolor samples for your approval and send them to you within two weeks of our receipt of your
sample order available on the website unless otherwise noted. If the samples don’t meet your requirements, you may submit a new color sample request. Once you are satisfied with the color samples, send an official approval* to us, and we will provide unique SKU numbers for all products and colors for easy ordering.

CREATIVorders will be shipped from our finish factory in eight to ten (8–10) weeks from the date of acceptance of your purchase order.

*** Certain colors are only available for indoor applications. Contact your local representative for more details or assistance with your custom color selection.

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2 Choose CREATIV color


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CREATIV Color Fandeck

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CREATIVCustom Color

  • Unlimited color options
  • Available in our four most popular panel textures
  • Bringing your Imagination to life


We heard you! You wanted more choices and, 

we brought you CREATIV™ ,
the CERACLAD custom color program with nearly unlimited choices.

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