Caulk-Free Joints

CERACLAD’s T-Joiner & Gasket Joiner Provide Finished Appearances Without the Need for Caulking



  • Easy Installation

  • Field fabrication/shop drawings are not required 
  • Low Maintenance 

  • The panel surface is self-cleaning and with T-joiner there’s no need to replace the caulking
  • Cost Saving 

  • The CERACLAD provided T-joiner and accessories eliminate the need for caulking, saving time and money
  • Aesthically Pleasing

  • Clean sleek surface

Install the T-joiner butted to the panel and secure with screws every 16” o.c., and install the panel clip so it does not overlap the T-joiner.

Continue to install panels butted to T-joint, fasten clips and repeat.

caulked joint

Caulked Joint

caulk-free joint

Caulk-Free Joint with T-Joiner

For Technical Information, please visit Techincal Information Page. 

Technical Information

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