Benefits of CERACLAD

Benefits of CERACLAD

  • Long-lasting beauty- Ceramic coating reduces color fading and the need for repainting. 
  • Self-cleaning – Photocatalytic coating reduces the need and cost of cleaning.
  • Thermal barrier – Allows the trapped heat in the exterior wall structure to escape into the environment, helping to maintain consistent temperatures inside the building and reducing energy consumption.
  • Rainscreen/ventilation - provides moisture management, preventing the growth of mold
  • Complete installation package– Easy to install, cuts installation cost


CERACLAD can increase the ROI on your projects by :

  • Lowering construction cost
  • Significantly reducing maintenance cost
  • Extending the life expectancy of the building envelope
  • Creating market differentiation for sustainability value
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Exterior Cladding Comparison Table

With this table, you can compare CERACLAD® with other exterior cladding products and see the CERACLAD Advantage at a glance.



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Benefits of CERACLAD

CERACLAD is the superior cladding solutions for sustainable buildings and a healthy living environment:

Ceraclad Triple Coating Technology

  • Factory finish color coating + ceramic coating + photocatalytic coating

Green Materials

  • Recycle material + thermal barrier + Rainscreen moisture management

Design Options

  • Hundreds of possible color and texture combinations


  • Easy installation
  • Low maintenance
  • Energy efficient

Technical Support

  • From design through construction, we provide all the support you need


Project: Multi-family Residential Building- Redmond, WA

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