Episode 4: Branka Knezevic

Episode 4: Branka Knezevic


Branka Knezevic, is an architect and founder of Plāna, a Los Angeles based architecture and design studio rooted in design, ecological and social sustainability and effective project management.

Their mission is to create environments that are timeless, inspirational and bring forth positive outcomes.

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Article written by Sophia_Eve

Plāna: Revolutionizing Sustainable Architecture for Healthy Living Environments

A group of creative individuals has developed who are prepared to rewrite the rules and redefine what it means to build with purpose in a world where architecture has the capacity to influence our experiences and make a lasting impression on our lives. Get ready to be enthralled as Branka Knezevic, the innovative architect and Plana’s creator, takes us on an unforgettable adventure.

Plana, an architectural and design firm located in Los Angeles, is in the fore of a movement that aims to build spaces that go beyond the ordinary and usher in a new age of sustainability, inspiration, and constructive change. Plana sets out to provide excellent cladding solutions that not only capture the sight but also foster a healthy living environment, driven by the conviction that architecture has the potential to form a healthier, more harmonious world.

Join us as we explore the depths of Plana's ideology in this exciting audio episode as we examine their steadfast dedication to design, ecological and social sustainability, and efficient project management. Prepare to see the emergence of architectural wonders that break the rules of traditional design and are at once timeless and avant-garde.

The Mission of Plāna

Plana's main goal is to transform the architectural sector by providing cutting-edge, environmentally friendly cladding solutions. Their primary goal is to provide the best goods and solutions possible while also making sure they are eco-friendly and able to satisfy the aesthetic and functional requirements of the design community. Plana seeks to build healthy living environments that benefit both people and communities by embracing these ideas.

Designing for Health and Well-being

Branka Knezevic underlined the value of creating environments that enhance the wellbeing of its residents throughout the episode. Plana is aware of how important the built environment is to people's physical and emotional wellbeing. Therefore, the studio puts a high value on choosing cladding options and materials that not only adhere to sustainability standards but also support a healthy living environment. This dedication to health-driven design guarantees that Plana's designs prioritize the general wellbeing of the individuals who use these places above aesthetics.

Sustainable Solutions

Plana's ideology is based on its continuous commitment to environmental sustainability. The pressing necessity to address climate change and reduce the ecological impact of architectural projects is something that Branka Knezevic and her team are aware of. In order to do this, Plana takes a comprehensive approach to sustainability, meticulously taking into account every stage of a project's lifespan. Plana ensures its solutions have a low effect on the environment by sourcing materials responsibly, using sustainable building methods, and using energy-efficient design principles. Their goal is to develop structures that benefit the ecosystems around them by using passive design ideas and renewable energy sources.


Affordability and Accessibility

Plana understands the significance of making sustainable architecture available and reasonably priced. Branka Knezevic committed herself to dispel the myth that environmentally friendly design is expensive throughout the episode. Plana works closely with suppliers and manufacturers to find affordable materials without sacrificing sustainability or quality. Plana aspires to enable a wider variety of customers to adopt sustainable architecture and design by providing appealing and inexpensive cladding options, causing a positive chain reaction throughout the industry.

Collaboration and Innovation

The success of Plana is based on a culture of cooperation and creativity. Branka Knezevic underlined the importance of closely collaborating with customers, understanding their particular demands, and transforming their dreams into works of art. A creative and welcoming atmosphere is fostered by Plana's team of brilliant architects, designers, and engineers, which stimulates the discovery of cutting-edge design ideas. Plana continuously pushes the limits of architectural design, creating new standards for excellence by being at the forefront of industry trends and innovations.

Community Engagement

Branka Knezevic discussed Plana's dedication to social sustainability and community involvement throughout the episode. Plana is of the opinion that architecture has the ability to improve the lives of individuals and mold whole communities. The studio actively looks for chances to work in partnership with neighborhood businesses, nonprofits, and community stakeholders to provide venues that support social inclusion, accessibility, and wellbeing. Plana makes sure that their initiatives are in tune with the needs and goals of the people they serve by incorporating the community in the planning process.

Education and Advocacy

Beyond their architectural endeavors, Plana is committed to spreading knowledge about and championing sustainable design principles. Branka Knezevic discussed the studio's initiatives to plan workshops, seminars, and learning opportunities to spread the word about the significance of sustainable design and its favorable effects on the environment and human health. Plana aims to educate and encourage the next generation of architects and designers to include sustainability into their work by imparting their knowledge and experience.

Looking Ahead

Branka Knezevic shared her excitement for the future of sustainable design as the podcast episode came to a conclusion. Plana keeps expanding the realm of what is practical by embracing new technology and incorporating cutting-edge design principles into their works. Plana is ready to make a significant mark on the architectural scene with its constant dedication to providing sustainable, cost-effective, and health-focused solutions.


The podcast with Branka Knezevic highlighted the ground-breaking architectural and design firm Plana, whose inspirational work is redefining the field with its sustainable and health-focused approach. Plana establishes a new benchmark for architectural perfection with its unrelenting dedication to providing exceptional cladding solutions that are cost-effective, visually beautiful, and ecologically responsible. Branka Knezevic and her team are developing the future of sustainable design one project at a time by putting the welfare of people first. Plana motivates us all to imagine and build a future where sustainable and healthy living conditions are the norm via their commitment to timeless design and good consequences.

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