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T-Joiner Installation

Benefits to our Clients

Ceraclad's Photocatalyst Process

Here at Ceraclad, we strive for the best. We want our products to shine and we are always looking for the next best way to improve our siding panels. Photocatayltic Coating is our 3rd coating added to our siding panels. In this video we go into detail what photocatayltic is and why it makes our products look as good as the day you put it on your buildings. 

Decomposition Power

When exposed to sunlight, the Titanium Oxide layer breaks down dirt and reduces adherence.

Super Hydrophilic Property

The super-hydrophilic property helps rainwater penetrate under dirt, displaces it, and then washes it away.

Dirt Removal Test


Installation Videos

Vertical Panel Installation

Horizontal Installation Caulking Panel Joints

Horizontal Inside Corner Installation

Horizontal Panel and Clip Installation

Horizontal Outside Corner Installation

Horizontal Starter Bar Installation

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