Episode 10: Cass Calder Smith

Episode 10: Cass Calder Smith


Cass Calder Smith is the founding principal of Cass Calder Smith Architecture + Interiors with offices in both San Francisco and New York City. 

Cass Calder, earned his Bachelor and Master of Architecture from the University of California, Berkeley, and has served on the San Francisco Arts Commission for eight years and is currently on the board of the Djerassi Resident Artists Program, and designed their award-winning Diane Middlebrook Studios.

 A native of New York City, he has lived in California since 1972 and now splits his time between both coasts.

 As the son of an Academy-Award winning filmmaker and a landscape painter and designer, he grew up among both Greenwich Village intellectuals and rural California artisans.

Cass is also a photography collector and patron to MoMA, SFMoMA, and the Whitney Museum of American Art.

For more information, you can visit: https://www.casscaldersmith.com/

Founder of Cass Calder Smith Architecture & Interiors 

Article written by Sophia_Eve

Episode 10: Cass Calder Smith

Cass Calder Smith is a highly regarded architect and the founding principle of Cass Calder Smith Architecture + Interiors, which is a well-known company having locations in both San Francisco and New York City. Cass Calder Smith has established himself as a renowned name in the area of architecture thanks to his enthusiasm for design, his strong academic background, and the wide variety of experiences he has had. In this essay, we will examine his background, major projects, and aesthetic inspirations in order to shed light on the singular approach he takes toward architectural design and interior decoration.

A Multifaceted Background

The foundation that would later serve as Cass Calder Smith's stepping stone into the field of design was laid by a solid education in the professional world of academia. He was able to finish the criteria for both his Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Architecture at the University of California, Berkeley. Both degrees are in the field of architecture. He was able to gain the knowledge and skills necessary to be successful in the field because of the educational foundation he had previously been provided.

In addition to this, the fact that he was brought up in an artistic environment was a significant contributor to the growth of his creative sense. Because his mother was an Oscar-winning director and his father was a landscape painter and designer, he was brought up with a blend of urban elegance and country craftsmanship. This was owing to the fact that his father was a landscape painter and designer. As a consequence of this, his strategy for architectural design was obviously influenced by his upbringing.

Establishing Cass Calder Smith Architecture + Interiors

Cass Calder Smith is the founder of his eponymous firm, Cass Calder Smith Architecture + Interiors, which was established in San Francisco and also had a presence in New York City. Cass Calder Smith is an architect and interior designer. The work demonstrates a devotion to risk-taking, innovation, and correctness while yet maintaining a concentrate on practicability and clarity.

This is because the work is interdisciplinary. The firm has been given accolades for the award-winning designs it has produced, which are characterized by their genuineness, attention to detail, and use of high-quality materials. Their body of work spans three decades and contains examples from each of those decades' most prominent artistic movements.


Notable Projects

Dune House

One of the most remarkable buildings that Cass Calder Smith Architecture + Interiors has finished is called the Dune House, and it is located in the Seadrift district of Stinson Beach. This weekend home is 2100 square feet and was designed and constructed with the intention of serving as a location for a family to assemble for the purposes of casual living, amusement, entertainment, and connection with the natural environment.

Because the rooms are oriented toward the lake and the beauty that is all around them, the design makes the most of the possible links that exist between the indoors and outside. Because of the extensive use of sliding glass doors and skylights, the interiors are drenched in natural light, which creates a seamless link with the stunning environment in Northern California.

The Hotel Castro

Cass Calder Smith, an interior design consultant, worked closely with Jon De La Cruz, Cass Calder Smith's business partner, on the project that was to be completed at The Hotel Castro. This hotel can be found in San Francisco and has a total of 12 micro-units, each of which offers guests an experience that cannot be replicated anywhere else.

The hotel was designed to provide a smooth appearance of integration with the surrounding residential community in which it is located. There is a tavern and a restaurant on the ground floor, and on the top floor, there is a rooftop terrace with amazing views of the Castro neighborhood that is adjacent.

Tin Building

Cass Calder Smith Architecture & Interiors, SHoP Architects, and Roman & Williams all collaborated on the renovation of the Tin Building, which is located in New York City's South Street Seaport.

Cass Calder Smith Architecture & Interiors was given the responsibility of acting as the project's Interior Architect of Record. This historically noteworthy building is currently home to a three-story food hall designed by Jean-Georges that covers a total area of 50,000 square feet and offers customers a vibrant and engaging eating experience.

Artistic Influence and Philanthropy

Cass Calder Smith is well known for his achievements in the field of architecture, yet, he is also an avid collector of pictures and a philanthropist to a number of highly regarded art groups. His involvement in this event demonstrates both his great respect for artistic excellence and his commitment to advancing creative endeavors. He is very enthusiastic about the arts.


Cass Calder Smith Architecture + Interiors, the name of Cass Calder Smith's architectural business, has made an everlasting impression on the field of architecture. His ideas exhibit a harmonic combination of creativity, usefulness, and aesthetic appeal since he has a unique blend of academic knowledge, a creative upbringing, and a passion for art. This results in designs that are distinctive.

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