Episode 17: James Trahan, Troy Vincent, and John Anderson

Episode 17: James Trahan, Troy Vincent, and John Anderson


James Trahan AIA, Troy Vincent AIA, and John Anderson, AIA Partners of 180 Degrees Design + Build.

The firm was founded in 2001, with the intention of designing and building thoughtful and inspiring architecture. 

Their portfolio includes religious, multi-family, commercial, retail, and high-end residential projects. Not only are their design staff architecturally trained, so are their construction superintendents and project managers. 

180 Degrees is also composed of craftsmen building custom concrete, wood, and steel components for their projects. The firm has been recognized twice by the AIA of Arizona as a contractor of the year. And have received multiple awards from the AIA for not only their design work but for their service to the profession.

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Article written by Sophia_Eve

Elevating Architecture: 180 Degrees Design Build's Journey with James Trahan, Troy Vincent, and John Anderson

There are people in the field of architecture whose vision goes beyond the plan and whose knowledge beyond the drawing board and the building site. Few names are as well-known in the constantly changing world of design and construction as James Trahan, Troy Vincent, and John Anderson. These innovative architects, partners of the prestigious company 180 Degrees Design + Build, have spent decades creating places that enthrall, inspire, and challenge. Since its establishment in 2001, 180 Degrees has established itself as a leader in architectural quality with a diverse portfolio that includes high-end residential, multi-family, commercial, and religious buildings.

The Story of the Founders

More than merely architects, James Trahan, Troy Vincent, and John Anderson were visionaries who dared to defy expectations. Their mutual desire to elevate architecture beyond ordinary function served as the forge in which their relationship was formed. 180 Degrees Design + Build was founded in 2001 with the goal of creating a space where innovation could flourish and form and function could coexist together. This team effort, which successfully combined the distinctive abilities of Trahan, Vincent, and Anderson, swiftly established itself in the cutthroat architectural market.

A Legacy of Craftsmanship and Vision

Entering the world of 180 Degrees Design + Build is like stepping into a space where innovation and usability coexist together. The company was founded by James Trahan, Troy Vincent, and John Anderson, all AIAs, with the single goal of creating architecture that goes beyond simple form and becomes an expression of creativity and purpose.

The partners envisioned a business that combined design innovation with construction know-how from the beginning. Their notion that architecture is about more than simply aesthetics and the seamless fusion of form and function is shown by this innovative method. Their wide-ranging portfolio, which includes churches, multi-family homes, businesses, shops, and opulent villas, serves as proof that their goal was realized.

Architecture and Craftsmanship

The dedication to workmanship shown by 180 Degrees Design + Build is one of its distinguishing traits. Beyond idea and design, the company is home to a group of accomplished artisans who painstakingly make unique concrete, wood, and steel components for their projects. This commitment to design and building means that the firm's vision is perfectly carried out from conception to completion.

In a field where specialization is sometimes the rule, 180 Degrees defies convention by cultivating a team that includes architects as project managers and construction superintendents in addition to the design professionals. This all-encompassing method produces a special synergy that leads to projects that are both structurally and aesthetically appealing.


Respecting Excellence

180 Degrees Design + Build's path has been dotted with honors and acclaim. The company's dedication to quality earned them two Contractor of the Year awards from the AIA of Arizona. This distinction highlights their expertise in both design and construction, establishing them as a dominant force in the sector.

But their influence goes beyond honors and recognition. The partners have also received recognition from the AIA for their outstanding contributions to the architectural industry. This acknowledgement reflects their constant commitment to expanding the discipline, transferring information, and fostering the development of the architectural community.

A Dialogue with the Masters

James Trahan, Troy Vincent, and John Anderson discuss their background, philosophy, and the distinctive methodology that characterizes 180 Degrees Design + Build in a frank and perceptive podcast episode. The intersections of design and construction are extensively discussed, along with the difficulties they have faced and the lessons they have learnt.

The three talks about how their working together results in a seamless fusion of creativity and pragmatism since each partner's area of expertise complements the others. They share their insights on how the industry has changed and how 180 Degrees has continued to be at the forefront of these developments as they look back on the development of architectural trends throughout time. The partners also clarified the value of fine architectural skill in the contemporary day. Their dedication to handmade materials gives life to their designs and enriches the sensory experience inside their spaces in an age dominated by technology and mass production.

A Creative Legacy Carved into Concrete

The journey of 180 Degrees Design + Build, led by James Trahan, Troy Vincent, and John Anderson, is a tribute to the lasting power of creative vision, unshakable devotion, and a holistic approach to architecture. Beyond the actual buildings they built, their legacy is ingrained in the very fabric of the architectural profession.

180 Degrees has established itself as a source of inspiration for both aspiring architects and seasoned professionals due to its drive to pushing boundaries, promoting cooperation, and embracing the synergy of design and construction. Their talk allows us to get an appreciation for the complex dance between art and science that characterizes these pioneers of architecture and provides a unique window into their thinking.

Building Dreams with Steel and Concrete

Beyond the boundaries of conventional job descriptions, 180 Degrees Design + Build employs artisans who are as skilled at sculpting concrete as they are at visualizing spaces. The customized concrete, wood, and steel components made by its craftsmen are more than simply building materials; they are a physical representation of the company's dedication to designing one-of-a-kind, bespoke homes. These components are not simply beautiful on the outside; they are also works of structural poetry that are intended to flow naturally into the overall story of the building.

Prizes and Appreciation

The fact that 180 Degrees Design + Build has twice received the 'Contractor of the Year' award from the AIA of Arizona is evidence of their everlasting commitment to their profession. Such acknowledgment demonstrates their skill in both design and execution. Their accomplishments, however, transcend beyond the purely beautiful. They have received several awards from the AIA in recognition of their dedication to improving the architectural profession and the industry as a whole.


The journey of James Trahan, Troy Vincent, and John Anderson is more than just a tale of three architects; it's also the story of three pioneering minds who completely changed the way that architecture is practiced. 180 Degrees Design + Build, which they created, is evidence of their dedication to quality. Their works give places life by transcending the commonplace to produce the remarkable thanks to their wide range of offerings and comprehensive approach. This trio of collaborators reminds us that architecture is about sculpting dreams, one blueprint at a time, rather than merely creating physical buildings as they continue to create architectural marvels that inspire.

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