Episode 21: Ajla Aksamija, Ph.D. 

Episode 21: Ajla Aksamija, Ph.D. 


Ajla Aksamija, Ph.D. Chair, School of Architecture Director, Transforming Places, Practices and Pedagogies Collaborative Professor at the University of Utah. Her research expertise includes building science, high-performance buildings, facade systems, emerging building technologies, and innovations in architecture.

Dr. Aksamija directed Perkins&Will Building Technology Laboratory (“Tech Lab”), one of the first practice-driven research laboratories focusing on advanced building technologies, high-performance buildings, computational design, and building facades. She has taught architectural design studios, advanced environmental building design, comprehensive studios, and seminars.
For more information, you can visit: http://www.cap.utah.edu/

Ajla Aksamija is the Ceraclad guest speaker for the next Architect Appreciation webinar scheduled for October 21st, 2021. *AIA Registered Program

For more information about the event, you can visit: 

Article written by Sophia_Eve

Unveiling Architectural Brilliance with Ajla Aksamija

Dr. Ajla Aksamija is an internationally recognized expert in the field of architectural developments and the search for sustainable and high-performance building solutions. Few people in the field of architecture are able to leave a lasting impression with their original concepts, ground-breaking creations, and commitment to pushing the envelope of what is conceivable. One such brilliant architect whose work continually reveals architectural genius is Ajla Aksamija. Aksamija has carved out a position for herself that continues to motivate architects and enthusiasts alike thanks to her distinctive viewpoint and dedication to sustainable design. We dig into her inspiring path and her ground-breaking contributions to building science, cutting-edge technology, and architectural innovation in this blog.

A Forerunner in High-Performance Buildings and Building Science

Dr. Aksamija, who has a Ph.D., has been a pioneer in the advancement of building science and high-performance building design. Modern façade systems and building technologies that change the way we create and occupy buildings have been made possible through her research. Notably, she served as the director of the Perkins&Will Building Technology Laboratory, a cutting-edge research center with an emphasis on computational design, innovative building technologies, and building facades.

Educator with several talents

The influence of Dr. Aksamija is not limited to the academic world. She has experience instructing a wide range of architectural courses, from design studios to environmental building design seminars. She is an enthusiastic teacher. Her tireless efforts to better architectural education have equipped future architects and designers with the knowledge and skills they'll need to face the challenges of a sector that's always evolving.

Speaker at Webinar Honoring Architects

Dr. Aksamija's expertise will be on display on October 21, 2021, when she will be a featured speaker at a webinar titled "Architect Appreciation." Her groundbreaking research, views on the future of architecture, and experiences with shifting architectural practices will be discussed during this event.

New Developments in Architecture Revealed

Dr. Aksamija paved the way for major breakthroughs in architectural design with his groundbreaking work. Buildings that are more cost-effective, aesthetically pleasing, and environmentally friendly are all achievable thanks to her research into cutting-edge construction technology. By combining her roles in research and education, she has developed a holistic strategy for enhancing building design. As a result, the gap between academic study and real-world application has been narrowed considerably.

The Conceptualization Stage

For someone like Ajla Aksamija, who has always been fascinated by the world around them and has a deep appreciation for both the arts and the sciences, a career in architecture seemed a natural progression. Her cosmopolitan background gave her early exposure to several architectural idioms, which ultimately led to an open and tolerant approach to design. Aksamija's educational credentials are top-notch; she holds master's degrees in both engineering and architecture. Her work's multidisciplinary character allows her to successfully translate conceptual design concepts into implementable building strategies.

Sustainable Intelligence

Aksamija places a lot of focus on sustainability, which is one of her architectural philosophy's most notable aspects. She saw the crucial need of designing buildings that not only fulfill their purpose but also blend in with the environment long before sustainable design became a common issue. Aksamija often uses eco-friendly building materials, energy-saving equipment, and techniques to lessen the carbon footprint of her construction projects in her designs. This dedication not only demonstrates her care for the environment but also her ability to flawlessly combine beauty and usefulness.

Fusion of Cultures

The artwork of Aksamija celebrates cultural variety. She has a unique talent for fusing aspects from other cultures into her work, producing settings that appeal to a broad spectrum of individuals. Aksamija's designs express tales that go beyond borders, whether they incorporate cultural symbolism into a place or combine ancient architectural themes with contemporary aesthetics. This method not only gives her work more depth, but it also encourages a feeling of cohesion and understanding among individuals who see her works.

Constraining Oneself

Brilliant architectural ideas often stem from a desire to challenge convention. Aksamija's collection of work is proof of her fearless exploration of cutting-edge ideas. She isn't afraid to experiment with new materials, challenging shapes, and audacious spatial arrangements. As a result of her boldness in trying new things, she has distinguished herself as an architect who isn't bound by convention. Aksamija considers each assignment an opportunity to push the boundaries of conventional architectural practice.

Environments that Put People First

When designing public spaces, Aksamija gives careful consideration to the people who will be using them. She takes a humanistic stance on architecture, seeing that structures are more than just something we put our stuff in; they're also contexts through which we experience the world. Her work prioritizes ease and practicality, meeting the needs of the target audience while also inspiring a personal connection to the space. Because she focuses so intently on the human condition, the characters she imagines come to life and strike a chord with readers.

Persistent Motivation

Ajla Aksamija's influence extends beyond the programs she's created. Through her teaching, writing, and public speaking, she has positioned herself as a role model for the next generation of architects and designers. Aksamija's lectures and workshops encourage the next generation to question conventional wisdom, to welcome change via innovation, and to see architecture as a force for good. The conversation about architecture's function in the contemporary world has been fundamentally impacted as a result of her unwavering thought leadership in environmentally responsible design and cultural amalgamation.


Ajla Aksamija is a talented architect who pushes the boundaries of the conventional architectural practice by incorporating art, ecology, and a diverse range of ethnic influences into her works. Her ability as an architect is on full show in both the buildings that she constructs and the issues that she advocates for. As she works on a new project, Aksamija reveals hitherto unexplored facets of her creative brilliance, illuminating the way in which architecture is a constant dialogue between the past, the present, and the future.

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