Episode 62: Brad Khouri

Episode 62: Brad Khouri


The founder of b9 architects, Bradley is passionate about excellence and service.

With a Master of Architecture from Harvard University, he focuses on the intersection of education, policy, design innovation, sustainability and real estate development. Bradley  develops multifamily infill urban projects to enrich the community through walkable, vibrant density.

Over the years, he has served as a member of several AIA Boards and Task Forces, including President of the Board of Directors, advocating for policies that encourage equitable urban policies focused on density and sustainability. Bradley also teaches Architectural Design studios part-time at the University of Washington, College of Built Environments and serves on juries regularly.  An avid skier, he enjoys spending his free time hitting the slopes and teaching his children how to ski.


For more information about B9 Architects, please check out: http://www.b9architects.com/

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