Episode 68: Jenna Knudsen

Episode 68: Jenna Knudsen


In the Architecture and Innovation Podcast episode by CERACLAD, the host, Thomas Dioro, interviews Jenna Knudsen, AIA, the Managing Principal of CO Architects.

The podcast focuses on one-on-one interviews with designers, contractors, city managers, and civic leaders committed to sustainability, innovation, and healthy living environments. The episode begins with an introduction to the podcast and its sponsor, the CERACLAD rain-screen fiber cement siding system.

The host welcomed Jenna Knudsen and introduced her as a 2023 National AIA award winner. Jenna has led award-winning large-scale academic, laboratory, and healthcare projects nationwide. She is known for her innovative designs, sustainability efforts, and BIM and Integrated Delivery use.

The conversation begins with a discussion about a quote by Audrey Hepburn that Jenna resonates with, which emphasizes the importance of laughter in a person.

The host and Jenna discuss the balance between serious work and having fun in the architecture industry.

They also discuss the importance of client involvement and collaboration in the design process.

Jenna shares that their approach is client-focused, and they aim to understand the client's mission, vision, and goals to create innovative and sustainable designs.

The conversation then shifts to the topic of sustainability, and Jenna mentions their project for UC Irvine, the nation's first all-electric hospital.

She explains that they worked closely with the client and the builder to eliminate natural gas and create an environmentally friendly hospital.

They discuss the impact of this project and the potential for more healthcare and university buildings to become all-electric in the future.

The host asked about CO Architects' approach to innovation, and Jenna explained their motto of "innovate early." She talks about their early adoption of building information modeling (BIM) and the benefits of involving all stakeholders in the design process.

She also mentions their in-house digital technology group and the tools they have developed to streamline programming and design.

The conversation concludes with a discussion about CO architects' ideal clients, which Jenna describes as mission-driven clients open to collaboration and innovation.

She emphasizes that it is important to understand client's needs and goals and create a design that serves their vision.

The episode also showcases a public service announcement about Leader Flow.ORG, an organization in the AEC industry that Jenna Knudsen recommended focused on diversity, equity, and inclusion in the architecture, engineering, and construction industry.

For more information, you can visit: https://coarchitects.com/

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