How CERACLAD's T-Joiner Revolutionizes Caulk-Free Installation

How CERACLAD's T-Joiner Revolutionizes Caulk-Free Installation

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CERACLAD is a leading manufacturer of fiber cement siding panels that offer durability, sustainability, and design flexibility. One of their innovative products is the T-Joiner, a caulk-free joiner system that provides a seamless and sleek appearance without the need for caulking.

We visited a construction site in Tacoma, WA, where the T-Joiner was being installed for the first time on a multifamily property. We wanted to see how this new system works and what benefits it brings to the project.

The Advantages of T-Joiner

The T-Joiner is a metal accessory that connects the CERACLAD panels vertically, creating a seamless design. The T-Joiner has several advantages over the traditional caulk joint method:

  • Easy Installation: No field fabrication or shop drawings are required. The T-Joiner is cut on the site and ready to use, saving time and labor.
  • Low Maintenance: The panel surface is self-cleaning and resistant to weathering, fading, and staining. With the T-Joiner, there is no need for caulk replacement work, which can deteriorate over time and cause leaks and cracks.
  • Cost Saving: The T-Joiner and accessories are provided by CERACLAD, eliminating the need for caulking materials and tools. This reduces the overall cost of installation and maintenance.
  • Aesthetically Pleasing: The T-Joiner creates a seamless design that enhances the architectural design of the building. The T-Joiner is available in various colors to match the panels.
caulk-free joint

The Progress of the Project

The project we visited is a multifamily property in Tacoma, WA consisting of four buildings with a total of 96 units. The project adopted the T-Joiner for the first time, as the developer and the architects were impressed by the product’s features and performance.

The construction is progressing smoothly, and we can see the façade and the inside of the building. The T-Joiner creates a seamless appearance that improves the aesthetics of the building. The caulk-free joints also improve the construction performance, as well as reduce the installation time and the risk of caulking installation errors.

The Testimonial of the Installer

We interviewed Jason Payment, the owner of Plankhangers, the siding installation company that is working on the project. He shared his impressions and opinions about the CERACLAD and the T-Joiner installation.

Q: Which is the easier construction method between caulk-free T-joint and caulk joint?
A: T-joint, for sure. It’s easier and faster. You don’t have to worry about caulking, which can be messy and time-consuming.

Q: What is your impression of the CERACLAD and the T-Joiner installation?
A: I like it a lot. The panels are high-quality and easy to work with. The T-Joiner is a great idea, tt makes the job easier and the result better.

Q: Is it useful?
A: Yeah. It’s a lot faster for the installation. A lot cleaner, too. You don’t have to deal with caulking, which can get dirty and sticky.

Q: Are there any problems installing the T-Joiner?
No, not at all. This is the first job that I installed them on, and it’s going well. My crews like it, too. They say it’s easier than caulking.

Q: Do you think the T-Joiner is a good solution for siding installation?
Yes. Anytime we don’t have to caulk, it saves a whole bunch of time, especially on a pre-painted finished project. Because you need to tape everything off, caulk it, and then take the tape off. For this, you just cut, nail, and seal the ends. It’s much simpler and faster.

“Thank you, Jason Payment, for taking the time to answer our questions.”


The T-Joiner is a revolutionary product that offers a caulk-free joiner system for CERACLAD panels. It provides a seamless and sleek appearance, as well as easy installation, low maintenance, and cost savings. The T-Joiner is a smart and efficient solution for siding installation projects, as demonstrated by the case study in Tacoma, WA.

If you are interested in learning more about CERACLAD and the T-Joiner, please visit our website

or contact them directly. They will be happy to provide you with more information and samples.

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