MOD Tower: 12-Story Multifamily Housing

MOD Tower: 12-Story Multifamily Housing

by Hina, Aki, and Yuki of KMEW Japan


Located in the heart of Mission, BC, near Vancouver, Canada, MOD Mission is a 12-story multifamily building that impresses with its sleek and contemporary design. The project was envisioned by Jordan Kutev of Architect Inc., a cutting-edge architectural firm based in Burnaby, BC, that excels in creating inspired, high-performance buildings and sustainable developments. The installation was performed by Polstar, a skilled siding contractor with over 20 years of industry experience. The exterior cladding system selected for this project is CERACLAD, the Triple-Coated Panel assembly engineered for residential and commercial buildings. CERACLAD offers a range of rich textures and colors and delivers superior durability, weather resistance, and self-cleaning performance. The color chosen for this project is the CREATIV Custom Colors, which allows customers to tailor their components in colors that match their exact specifications.

The design goal of this project was to create a building that harmonizes with the surrounding cityscape while also displaying its own identity and character. The exterior design accomplishes this by using a calm color tone for most of the facade but adding splashes of bright blues and yellows in some areas to create contrast and interest. The use of CERACLAD panels in a high-rise building like this one is a new case study for us, as it demonstrates how CERACLAD’s strong clip system can enable the construction of tall structures with ease and efficiency. We are delighted to be part of this project and to showcase the potential of CERACLAD as a next-generation cladding solution.

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