CERACLAD's Running Bond: A New Trend in Exterior Design

CERACLAD's Running Bond: A New Trend in Exterior Design

By Hina, Aki & Yuki of KMEW Japan


CERACLAD Fiber Cement Siding delivers the most cost-effective and high-performance exterior wall systems across North America for multifamily and commercial buildings. Its products are known for their durability, quality, and feasibility in various climates and environments. One of its latest innovations is the Running Bond, a pattern that offers different colors and combinations. CERACLAD introduced the Running Bond to the North American market for the first time at Buildex, held from February 14th to February 15th, 2024, a trade show for designers in Canada. We spoke to representatives from CERACLAD’s partners, ADESSON BUILDING SOLUTIONS and WHITECAP, at the exhibition booth to find out more about this new trend in exterior design. Here is what they had to say.

The Benefits of Running Bond

Q: What makes Running Bond a good option for commercial and institutional projects?

David Mathai (ADESSON): Running Bond is very versatile and attractive. It can create a variety of effects depending on the color scheme and the layout. It also doesn’t require caulking, which saves time and money. We are eager to hear from the installers how easy it is to work with. That will be a key factor in the success of the product.

Adel Elmourad (ADESSON): I agree. Running Bond is a great alternative to traditional brickwork, which can be expensive and difficult to maintain. Running Bond is more affordable and durable, and it has a modern look that appeals to many clients.


Q: Is ”Running bond” useful?

David Mathai: “Running bond” is very useful.

Adel Elmourad: “Running bond”? Yeah tell him more.

David Mathai: It's very good that for our commercial jobs and our institutional jobs, a lot of the time you see the running bond pattern, and now they're trying to do little switch ups to with the colors and mix and matching stuff like that. So having an option, especially one that's without caulking and stuff like that is going to make a very big difference. Sitting, seeing where it stands out on the price point, which shouldn't be too bad, I wouldn't imagine. But we'd love to see what the, the installers say, and how much work it is for them to put it up. And I think that'll be a good indication on the success of the product.

Adel Elmourad: Yeah, And I'd like to add to, just because I remember what you were saying, but we're seeing a lot of vertical panel installations now. It's quicker install, less, less vertical seams or gaps in between plant panels. And they run floor to ceiling, 9 foot 6 panels or 10 feet long. So when you run them, you run clean, singular panels, floor to ceiling, nine foot six with a little bit away. So basically minimizes, and you're getting floor to ceiling coverage. So it's becoming a real trend here to use vertical installation applications.

The Reasons for Choosing CERACLAD

Q: Why do people living in Vancouver choose CERACLAD for their exterior design needs?

Lisa: CERACLAD has many advantages that make it a popular choice. It has easy installation, a lot of designs of texture, and good technical support. CERACLAD also has a Size-Free panel system, which means that the panels can be cut to any size and shape without compromising the quality or the appearance. This gives more flexibility and creativity to the designers and the installers.

Adel: For me, the main reason is the quality of CERACLAD. There’s nothing else on the market that combines feasibility and quality. CERACLAD has a 20-year Color Fade Warranty, which means that the colors will stay vibrant and consistent for a long time. CERACLAD also has a Self-Cleaning Coating System based on Photocatalytic Coating, which means that the panels will stay clean and fresh with minimal maintenance. CERACLAD also passes all the tests for fire, impact, and wind resistance, so we can use it on any project with confidence.

David: I like the design potential of CERACLAD. It has many different textures and various colors, from smooth to woodgrain to metallic. It also has the CREATIV (unlimited color options), which means that we can customize the color to match the client’s preference or the project’s theme. CERACLAD also allows us to create artistic expressions on the panels, such as murals or patterns. CERACLAD is always innovating and developing new products that meet the needs and tastes of the market.

The Trends in Color and Texture

Q: What are some of the trends that you observe in color and texture for exterior panels?

Adel: How do we get the trend? Oh, we get the story. By the market tells us, Yes. Because, yeah, the architects tell us, the market tells us which way they would like to lead the way, and then we start to see more and more. So we take mentorship from our leaders in the architectural community. Right?

David: So there are different aspects to it. So there's a general contractor that could help the architects can help the installers can help. So everyone, as long as you're talking to everyone, they kind of help you with the trend, if you don't miss a group, which I think between all the people involved, we don't miss the trends because we're talking to everybody. It's beneficial because architects have really good Grand Designs and say we want this on a building. And then the installer will say, Well, you can't do that. This is what you can get on the building. So that becomes the trend. Right. So it does depend what everyone says.

Adel: What I do notice though, is when we took a visit last year to the CERACLAD plant, the factory depends on factoring. And we noticed that there's an entire room twice the size of the convention center. Yeah, that's just for market trends. We saw the coolest things, we can't speak about them too much. Because, you know, We'll get bombarded for samples. But they're doing things for interior, exterior. They're doing really crazy things. Yeah, accent features, exactly, the accent features and things like that. So we rely on CERACLAD truthfully to write they help us dictate what the market trends are, because they're there 2 or 3 years ahead of everybody. So they're doing things that we don't see for 2 or 3 years in our market, they test it and make sure that it passes all four seasons. And the quality control is there and the product is warranted for the market and then they launch it to the market so CERACLAD has a leg up on what the trends are.


CERACLAD is a leader in the exterior design industry, offering Triple-Coated Fiber Cement Siding that combines quality, durability, and feasibility. Its Custom Running Bond Application System is a new trend that offers different colors and combinations. It is versatile, attractive, and cost-effective, with many features that make it easy to install and maintain. CERACLAD also offers a wide range of textures, finishes, and colors, as well as the ability to create custom designs and artistic expressions. CERACLAD is always looking for new ways to meet the needs and tastes of the market and to provide the best solutions for its clients and partners. To learn more about CERACLAD, click here. https://ceraclad.com/

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