Harmonizing with Vancouver BC

Harmonizing with Vancouver BC

By Hina, Aki & Yuki of KMEW Japan


Tailored for both multi-family residential and commercial buildings, CERACLAD offers a diverse selection of textures and colors, adaptable to a myriad of design patterns.

The University of British Columbia area has undergone significant development in recent years. The multifamily portion, constructed in 2021 using CERACLAD, boasts a 14-story building that commands a strong presence in the area. Designed by ZGF Architects, the project prioritizes reflecting a holistic understanding of the relationship between buildings, people, and the environment. The vertical stripe pattern further accentuates the sophisticated streetscape design.

In Japan, vertical cladding is rarely used for high-rise buildings like this project, making it extremely rare in our experience. This project showcases the potential for expanding the use of CERACLAD.


University of Bristish Columbia - front of the building

University of Bristish Columbia - backside of the building

Another project we visited was situated 12 km east of UBC, in an area adorned with senior housing. In 2023, a meticulously designed nursing home graced this locale. Constructed entirely with CERACLAD, it exudes a tranquil aura while enhancing accent colors. Located on Paulson Street, Vancouver, BC, Dogwood Care Home is a 7-story building that gives us the impression of a unique design, yet it harmonizes with its surroundings. This project was designed by DYS Architects, focusing on creating inspired work that is technically, financially, and socially responsible, resulting in a sleek exterior design within a limited budget. 

Vertical installation can achieve a sleek and seamless design, and Iso clips also make it possible to install easier and faster. CERACLAD complements different materials; the color of the metal board (blue and green) was an impressive accent. As shown in these projects, it is possible to combine CERACLAD with other materials to provide aesthetics and better appearance to customers in various types of buildings.

Dogwood Care Home

Dogwood Care Home - color accents

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