Exploring San Francisco Properties Continued

Exploring San Francisco Properties Continued

By Hina, Aki & Yuki of KMEW Japan


Delving into the intricate interplay of materials, patterns, colors, and regional influences that shape the built environment of that area. In regions like California, where minimal precipitation influences construction choices, materials like stucco reign supreme. Our recent site visit provided invaluable insights into how design approaches differ between Japan and California in such contexts. Join us as we uncover how CERACLAD distinguishes itself and adds value amidst diverse architectural landscapes.

Warehouse in Hayward, CA


Nestled in Hayward, CA, Clawiter boasts an architectural allure with its use of our Urban Cedar panels, imparting a cozy and inviting ambiance to the building. The juxtaposition of inorganic concrete with the warmth of wood texture creates a captivating visual contrast. This unique combination piques curiosity and adds an element of intrigue to the structure's design. Moreover, given Japan's predominant focus on single-family houses within the market, Clawiter serves as an insightful case study, shedding light on the innovative application of our panels in non-residential buildings.

642 18th St, Oakland, CA 94612  Multifamily project

In Oakland, a 6-story multifamily project was designed with a combination of three types of CERACLAD panels: Cashmere Smooth, Cast Stripe, and Mosaic Tile. The building is composed of multiple box-shaped units, and the regular arrangement of the 10-foot CERACLAD panel in a vertical application gives it a clean and seamless look. The mosaic tile pattern serves as an accent in the center of the building, which has been modernized with a smooth and striped pattern, imparting not only a simple impression but also a sense of sleek style to the structure.

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