The Possibility of SOLIDO Interior Panels

Seattle's Starbucks Headquarters

The Possibility of SOLIDO Interior Panels

by Hina, Aki & Yuki of KMEW Japan


CERACLAD has a special interior panel called SOLIDO that is made of 60% recycled materials, including fiber from paper cups, coffee beans, fly ash, and cement from recycled panels. This panel is very popular for cafes as SOLIDO’s varied surface patterns create warm and natural interiors. The 10’x18” panels are efficient to install using our patented hidden fastener system, creating cost-effective and sophisticated interiors with a Class-A fire rating. 

Unfortunately, SOLIDO is not yet in use in the United States as it is still uncommonly known here, but the SOLIDO panel is utilized in multiple branches of Starbucks in Japan. We are finding that it is increasingly employed in commercial facilities, with the number of installation cases gradually rising.

SOLIDO "Type F coffee" can be used for interior

Coffee roastery in Japan

Cafe in Aichi, Japan

Brewery in Shizuoka, Japan

During our visit to the CERACLAD Seattle office, we had the opportunity to visit Starbucks' headquarters in Seattle, WA, USA. While there, we studied the atmosphere of the Starbucks Reserve café, we found monotone colors such as black and gray were used for the interior, with wood furniture and ceiling materials used as accents. There are many designs in Japan that combine SOLIDO and wood grain, and we felt that SOLIDO could provide a better interior design. We hope that our American partners can see the appeal and benefits to using SOLIDO in North America’s buildings, like Starbucks and other buildings in the future.

Starbuck Headquarter's Reserve café - coffee bar accent wall

Coffee bar accent wall - made of wooden and stretched leather panels with steel stitching for bronze accents

Hina, Aki & Yuki standing in front of the Starbucks Headquarters

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