CERACLAD's Key features: The Ultimate Freeze Thaw Panels for Rockford Road Library

CERACLAD's Key features: The Ultimate Freeze Thaw Panels for Rockford Road Library

By CERACLAD Marketing


CERACLAD, a leading provider of exterior siding solutions,proudly presents its innovative Freeze-Thaw Panels designed specifically for the Rockford Road Library in Minnesota, United States. This cutting-edge architectural solution, meticulously crafted by Mohagen Hansen Architecture, combines functionality, durability, and aesthetic appeal.


Key Features
  1. Versatility: CERACLAD’s Freeze-Thaw Panels are engineered to thrive in both general and cold climates. Their remarkable adaptability ensures consistent performance, regardless of the ever-changing weather conditions. Whether the library basks in the summer sun or faces the harsh chill of winter, these panels remain steadfast and reliable.
  2. No Caulking Required: Unlike traditional siding materials, CERACLAD panels eliminate the need for caulking during installation. This feature is particularly advantageous for winter projects, where temperatures can plummet. By avoiding caulking, the installation process becomes more efficient, and the risk of weather-related delays is minimized.
  3. Long-Term Warranty:

    CERACLAD stands behind its product with confidence. These Freeze-Thaw Panels come with an impressive 30-year product warranty. Additionally, their vibrant colors are protected by a 20-year color fade warranty. Say goodbye to frequent maintenance hassles and unexpected costs—CERACLAD ensures peace of mind for years to come.

    Whether you’re an architect, builder, or simply someone who appreciates quality craftsmanship, CERACLAD’s Freeze-Thaw Panels offer a winning combination of functionality and aesthetics. Visit the Rockford Road Library to witness this innovative solution in action!


1, “Design Versatility”- Unlimited Exterior Design Options

Create your custom look with our panels from L: 10’ (3030mm) × W: 18” (455mm) × T: 5/8” (16mm) modules that can be cut to any length, mix, and match colors, and apply in horizontal and vertical applications, stack bond, running bond patterns and other layouts. We offer flexible exterior design options to suit your vision.


2, “Dependable Quality” - Reliable Product Warranty

Trust our products to perform in any region, as we offer a 30-year Product Warranty, a 20-year Finish Warranty including Color-Fade through Triple Coating which includes Ceramic Coating and Photocatalytic Coating for superior color stability, and a Self-Cleaning Finish, Freeze-Thaw resistance, and fire and wind resistance certification in the US and Canada.


3, “Moisture Management”- Durable and Healthy System

Our Integrated Rain Screen System provides ventilation behind the cladding, helps to prevent mold and algae growth, and provides a Safe and Long-Lasting Building.


4, “Cost Effective” - Clear Pricing and Construction Cost Reduction

We have a clear pricing system with One-Size, One-Price, and One-Stop shopping. Off-site fabrication/shop drawings are not required. Moreover, our Caulk-Free Installation System reduces cost and time. In addition, our color warranty and Self-Cleaning Function minimize the maintenance cost and optimize the Return on Investment for customers.


5, “Eco-Friendly” - Environmentally Friendly Product

Panels are made from about 45% Recycled Materials. Health Production Declaration and Environmental Product Declaration statements through independent verification are available, and we offer eco-friendly products that are kind to the local community. Furthermore, our goal is to achieve zero carbon emissions by 2050. We aim to be the Ultimate Eco-Friendly Fiber Cement Siding.


CERACLAD’s High-performance Freeze-Thaw Panels offer a winning combination of performance, durability, and ease of installation. Whether you’re an architect, builder, or homeowner, choose CERACLAD for a siding solution that stands up to the elements.

For more information, visit CERACLAD’s official website.

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