Ep. 75 Anthony Brower

Ep. 75 Anthony Brower

Innovative Sustainable Design and Architectural Insights with Anthony Brower


This episode of the Architecture and Innovation Podcast, hosted by Tom Dioro and brought to you by CERACLAD, welcomes Anthony Brower, a fellow of the American Institute of Architects and Global Director of Gensler's Climate Action and Sustainability practice.

Anthony discusses the intricacies of lighting power density in interior projects and the value of tax rebates over sustainability measures for clients. 

Brower shares his journey, which includes teaching passive design at USC, his writing ventures, stand-up comedy on climate change, and being a Distinguished Gentleman's Ride organizer. 

He also delves into the importance of sustainable design, the challenges of codes and tax depreciation, and how constraints can spur creativity. 

Lastly, Anthony highlights his upcoming book, The Renormalization of Sustainable Design, which aims to simplify sustainable principles for architects.

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Show Index:

00:00 Introduction to Lighting Power Density
00:35 Guest Introduction: Anthony Brower
02:08 Anthony's Personal Mantra and Learning Journey
03:42 Teaching and Sustainable Design
05:33 Career Journey and Fearlessness
08:12 The Upcoming Book on Sustainable Design
21:14 The Distinguished Gentleman's Ride
24:17 Design Constraints and Creativity
30:20 Closing Remarks and Future Conversations

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